Long-Range Europe Limited was established to provide overseas manufacturers with an opportunity to strengthen their market position in the European, African Countries and rest of the world through a partnership. A partnership that was designed to deliver a COMPETITIVE EDGE, to ensures that the manufactures and the customers benefit from our extensive experience in product sourcing, market development, market application, sales, marketing, import and export and technical support.
Long-Range Europe Limited serves its' international client in the supply of materials or equipment’s sourced directly from manufacturers all over the world, usually under a confidentiality agreement, as either a procurement agent, or as a market consultant. Also provides the infrastructure, market knowledge, skills and services for overseas manufacturers to supply potential customers in the Oil, Food, Pharmaceutical Industries, Industrial, Manufacturing and Textiles industries.

Long-Range Europe Limited strives hard to maintain it position as a prime importer, exporter, marketer and supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals, natural & pure essential oil, perfumery compound in European Countries, Asian, African and rest of the world markets.

Long-Range Europe is a specialist consultant in Pharmaceutical, Raw materials, Medical Equipment’s & Packaging, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Alkaloid opiates, Fine chemicals, Engineering materials, Fluid handling equipment’s (including pumps & valves), Heat transfer & Energy, Machineries, Water treatment plant, Production and process control equipment, also offers a comprehensive and effective sourcing service.


From initial inquiry to completion,
We will provide solution to all your needs,
We will focus all our efforts on the success of our customer.
We will focus on the key elements of innovation, quality, functionality, cost-efficiency and consideration of environmental issues.

The above mission best describes the corporate philosophy of Long-Range Europe Limited in promoting an exchange of goods and services on an intercontinental basis. Moreover, the company will continuously strive hard to maintain good reputation for quality services and dependability.

Please feel free to search our products list, if there are any other products you require that do not appear on our list please do not hesitate to
contact us. We will do our utmost best to source for you.

Some products listed are protected by valid Patents, they are not offered for sales in countries where the sales of such products constitutes Patents infringement and the liability for Patents infringement is exclusive at buyers risk.

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